Sunday 23 November 2008

Goodbye Autumn

Yesterday evening after karate keiko, to mark the final week of Autumn here in Japan, we drove two hours to Taketa City to visit Yujaku Koen for KOYO (紅葉). Coincidentally the park grounds are known for martial arts training, as the local bushi (warriors) used to extensively practice their strategic horsemanship and archery there. The beauty of the Autumn leaves and near-perfect mirror like reflections in the lake, located in the centre of the forest, has made Yujaku Koen very popular in Kyushu.

Anyway I thought I would share some photos of the beautiful Yujaku Koen with you. You can click on the images to enlarge them.
PS - I have updated my training regime and this will be uploaded in the next couple of days. My appologies to those of you who have emailed me asking when I'd put it online.
Kindest regards to everyone from Kyushu, Japan.
© André Bertel, Japan 2008

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