Sunday 9 November 2008

Palmerston North Karate Instructor visits

Morgan Dilks Sensei (4th Dan), New Zealand Chief Instructor of the USKU (Universal Shotokan Karate Union), came for some one-on-one tuition at my dojo this weekend. Dilks Sensei teaches Shotokan in Palmerston North, and it has been nearly two years since Mizuho and I last saw him. We also got to spend some great times catching up with his wife Yuko, and met his unbelievably very cute baby daughter, Yuri.
I wont give a report on what I took Morgan through, as that is for him and his students. However, in addition to the two hour practice on the Saturday, prior to his departure this morning, we took some outdoor photos. With the private training he did here, and also he'll be receiving from Fukumizu Sensei in Miyazaki, I'm sure he'll be returning to New Zealand with lots of new, and refined knowledge, for his own training, and for his students!

I asked if Morgan could make some comments, about his dojo, here on my blog, which he kindly agreed to do. Here is what he had to say: "My dojo is under the umbrella of Universal Shotokan Karate Union (USKU), which was established by my instructor, Fukamizu Kenichi Shihan (7th Dan) in Miyazaki-ken, Japan. The focus is on traditional Shotokan training, and preserving the karate that I`ve been lucky enough to have been exposed to whilst living in Japan, and continue to maintain, through regular training visits. If any of your readers are living in, or visiting Palmerston North, they are most welcome to come and train".

Morgan is a person I have great respect for, and are proud to be his friend. He is a great person, kind hearted, calm spirited, and loves to train. I recommend his dojo to anyone interested in learning traditional Japanese karate-do in Palmerston North. For more information on class times, dojo location, contact details, and so forth, please visit his website:
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