Tuesday 18 November 2008

Karate Internet Forums

As some know I got particularly annoyed with karate internet forums. So much so, that I said some things I regret. Mostly I was just being nasty and highly sarcastic, as there were just too many idiots participating. Basically I was enjoying the comedy of it all. For this reason I ceased from participating in forums.

I should have never bothered participating in the first place! The majority of posting I did was in-between teaching classes/training, sitting in the dojo office bored (and trying to get my energy back). I also posted a lot when waiting for my then fiancée, Mizuho, to come online (when she was here in Japan and I was back in New Zealand).

99% of people posting on internet karate forums are people who think too much and need to train more. Far more! The main participants simply haven’t got the technical skills or knowledge to back up what they say. There are certainly some excellent karateka who participate in karate forums, but in my opinion, certainly not enough to waste ones time chatting with, especially in such an amatuer environment.

Karate is all about physical training, and of course study of the art to improve one’s physical training. Obviously karate internet forums offer no training, and knowledge-wise, little more than trivial rubbish. I’m by no means questioning the integrity of those operating internet karate forums. However, karate forums have served little, if any benefit to the karateka who participate in them. I agree that potentially, karate internet forums could be useful, if people were using the knowledge in them to train... But with little investigation, it is not hard to see that the majority of content is crap, with little or no insight. This is because the participants are more interested in typing than they are in actual karate training itself.

Waffling on with people I don’t know, and for the most part, people who clearly know nothing about karate, is nothing more than wasting valuable time. If I’m going to type something about karate now, I simply do it here on my blog, where it hopefully benefits peoples ‘karate training’.

© André Bertel, Japan 2008

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