Friday 7 August 2009

Private lesson for Lyall Stone Sensei

Lyall Stone Sensei, chief instructor of SKNZ (Shotokan Karate New Zealand) based in Christchurch had me give him a three hour private lesson. This was conducted at his honbu dojo based at the CPIT in the central city.
Lyall Sensei had me take him through the Heian's, Junro, Tekki Kata and Kibaken kata. We also covered Bassai-dai, Hangetsu, Gankaku, Sochin, Meikyo, Unsu and others. By request I fastidiously taught and broke down Bassai-sho kata.
In addition to this, we appropriately covered the core fundamental techniques in traditional Japanese style. The lesson concluded with Gohon, Kihon ippon, Jiyu ippon kumite and Jiyu kumite.
Overall I was very pleased by Lyall Sensei's very positive feedback and budo karate. I'm sure that what we went through will further enhance his skills karate, and be of benefit for his students/organisation in New Zealand.

© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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