Tuesday 18 August 2009

Masao Kagawa Sensei Interview

Masao Kagawa Sensei was born in Osaka in 1955. He graduated from from Teikyo University and went on to become a Japan Karate Association instructor. Besides being one of the very best technicians to have been produced by the JKA, he is also a world class teacher. Here is a 'highly abbreviated' background of this awesome Shotokan karateka…
7th Dan JKF (Japan Karate Federation) and 8th Dan JKS (Japan Karate Shotorenmei).

A small sample of Kagawa Sensei’s competitive record (otherwise I’d be writing all day):
  • The 5th Kanto Students Karate-do tournament – Winner of the Male Individual Kumite.
  • The 1st World Cup Karate-Do Championship – Winner of the Male Team Kata.
  • The 3rd Shoto World Cup – Winner of the Individual Men’s Kumite.
  • The 28th All Japan Championships – Winner of both the Male Individual Kata & Kumite.

    Current coaching and karate-do administrative positions:
  • Coach of Teikyo University Karate Club (Japan’s top university dojo).
  • Coach of the JKF All-Japan National Team.
  • NPO Japan Karate Shoto-Federation Technical Director.
  • Commissioner of the All-Japan and Kanto Students Karate-do Federation.
To read Kagawa Sensei’s latest interview (featured on 'The Shotokan Way') click here: http://www.theshotokanway.com/aninterviewwithmasaokagawa.html
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