Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Healthy hips and knees with yoko keage

In my recent post on Heian-yondan I mentioned Asai Sensei’s biomechanically superior version of performing yoko-keage (body folded slightly with the pivot foot protecting the knees).

If you wish to study this technique you can easily study it via the two photos featured here (again from Asai Sensei's 1978s publication 'Jitsugi Karatedo' and me at training last night). In particular, note the waist position and the direction of the support foot at the extension of the kicking leg. While keeping the back and hips in line looks prettier (the result of too much focus on tournament karate), if done all the time it is EXTREMELY hard on the hips and the ligaments of the knees; whereas, Asai Sensei's yoko-keage is far more natural and therefore gentle on the body. A bonus is that this photo also shows two ways of doing uraken yokomawashi uchi with yoko-keage: Asai Sensei is performing an older version (inside the kicking kick) and I am doing the version he was teaching in the 1990s and up to 2006.

Kindest regards and healthy training to everyone! Osu, André

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