Monday, 11 June 2012

KARATE FIRST! My June training regime

Here's my new training schedule for June. Where ever you are on planet Earth I hope it finds you well and training hard. My apologies for being unable to answer all the emails. Otherwise I'd end up like a lot of karateka nowadays who live their karate through a key board. There is apparently one chat room of old women going on about me at the moment.

The photos and videos on this site reflect my philosophy of "TRAINING FIRST". The people with crap karate will talk, talk and theorise... And the real karateka will talk with their karate! Needless to say, that is why over a million people have visited this site. People listen when commentary is backed by technique. I am not claiming to be good at karate - but this is a target I am "TRAINING TOWARDS" on a daily basis... Probably the biggest weakness of karate outside of Japan is too much waffle like the aforementioned idiots who accuse others of being arrogant because they feel inferior. Undoubtedly, they will keep flapping their mouths because that's all they have... Irrespective of such clowns, I will stick to doing karate the Japanese way, alongside the real karateka around the world who also follow this path. Osu! Andre

OK... On to my latest training regime! The last couple of days have been physically hard for me, but I hope to adjust in the coming week or so.

1. Stationary chudan mae keriage then jodan mae keriage (two kicks without dropping the kicking leg), then step back into zenkutsu dachi, followed by jodan mae kerikomi/kakato-geri and returning to stance.
• Practice method: Three counts, two counts, then all three keriwaza in one count (Each set is repeated 10 times on both sides in accordance with the aforementioned counts).

2. Stationary kizami zuki kara chudan gyaku zuki
• Practice method: Single techniques 10 times slowly; 10 times with maximum speed; 10 times with two punches per count; then two punches per count with kiai on every gyaku zuki (repeat on the opposite side).

3. Sonoba ren-geri: Mae keriage to the front, yoko keriage to the side, yoko kerikomi to the side, mawashi geri to the front and ushiro geri to the rear.
• Practice method: All five kicks 10 times very slowly, then 20 times with maximum snap (repeat on the opposite side).

4. Ido Kihon: Chudan shuto uke
• Practice method: 60 times (ten times in super slow motion; then 50 times with maximum speed/snap).

5. Ido Kihon: Chudan oi zuki

• Practice method: 60 times (ten times in super slow motion; then 50 times with maximum speed/snap).

Various forms of ippon kumite (with special emphasis on close range kogeki & hangeki). ii. Uchikomi (middle & long range kogeki & hangeki). - The training method has been in "the hundred's club" for kogeki. Everything: maximum speed and explosiveness.

In my own training a single jokyu-gata (advanced kata) depending on my daily targets.

• Practice method: 3 times facing north, south, east and west. The first time with maximum speed with extended pauses between each action (big/full motion and explosive), the second in slow motion and the third with maximum speed, and regular continuity.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand 2012.

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