Saturday 19 June 2021

14th Anniversary of this Blog

IKS Renshusei-geiko: Don Walker Sensei (Western Australia, originally from Scotland) at Ryozenji.

Today is the 14th Anniversary of this Blog. It still stuns me that so many people have visited it—over these years. The reason I say this is that THIS SITE IS SO SPECIFIC. It’s like going to a site to get a product, which virtually no one knows about.

Here are three narrowing points of specificity…


Firstly, this site is about TRADITIONAL KARATE ONLY.


Secondly, even though I deeply respect the other styles of karate (and fighting arts in general)in order to dig deeperthis site is focused on SHOTOKAN style karate ONLY.


Thirdly, and even more specifically, this site is ONLY about Shotokan karate practiced as BUDO/BUJUTSU.

This specific focus makes this blog very unique; that is, THE FOCUS OF ITS CONTENT IS EXTREMELY NARROW. Still, it is sought out by people across the world seeking Shotokan 'bujutsu knowledge' as opposed to the mainstream.

押忍 and 感謝

(Osu and Kansha/Appreciation)


© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2021).

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