Friday 20 May 2011

My current self-training regime

Here is my updated self-training schedule. If nothing else this can provide a base for you to construct your own daily routine. Especially in the case of instructors. An idea might be to use the search engine on this blog (you can check my previously posted regimes) and perhaps develop a superior schedule. Regardless, what matters is that one practices as much as possible, and does so via a systematic routine which produces results.

Kihon: The fundamentals for kihon ippon kumite and jiyu ippon kumite (attack, and defence/counterattack practiced seperately as kihon. Also special emphasis this month is on the relationship between Heian-shodan kata and Kihon ippon kumite, and how this transfers over to jiyu ippon kumite.

Kata: (a) Kihon-gata: Heian-shodan; (b) Sentei-gata: Bassai-dai; (c) Jokyu-gata: Nijushiho & Unsu. (d) Asai-ryu koten-gata: Kaminari-arashi with oyo. This month my oyo/bunkai-jutsu training is focused on Nijushiho kata.

Kumite: My kumite practice is twofold at present. Firstly: Kihon ippon kumite (Fundamental one-step sparring): Attacks, defences and counterattacks with/and against jodan oi-zuki, chudan oi-zuki, chudan mae-geri, chudan yoko-kekomi & chudan or jodan mawashi-geri. Emphasis is on basic form (stance, leg movments, use of hips, posture, precise form of technique, trajectory and zanshin), and exact ma'ai (distancing). And secondly: Jiyu ippon kumite (Freestyle one-step sparring) with specific focus on long-range attacking with full and proper application of koshi no kaiten, and harmonious tai no shinshuku.

© André Bertel. Kyushu, Japan 2011.

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