Sunday 18 November 2018

The next step will lift to a higher level

As I have recently discussed, bujutsu karate timing is very different from standard karate which, nowadays (even when labelled as "traditional") is sport karate.

Likewise there are two levels of understanding. One which is kept by the elite of Japan's karate community and the other which is preached to the masses. These points are taught behind closed doors and will never be taught outside the elite。Overall, the karate microcosm perfectly reflects elitism in society now, and historically... and logically so. Why wouldn't it?

The breakthrough is for an outsider to become an uchideshi of someone 'in the know'. A personal student of someone of high seniority in Japan and of high technical skill. This results in something very special.

Returning to the movements of karate, besides the timing differences between sports and martial art karate, there is also extreme movement differences. The sport karate movements have many superfluous actions; whereas, bujutsu karate eliminates as many as possible. 

It is like comparing information in children's books to the empirical research papers from top class university's. 'The Cat in the Hat' verses a cutting edge paper on nanotechnology. 

I will begin to release the next phase of information from my teacher, step-by-step, from 2019 onwards. This will be the base of a new beginning, for those seeking martial arts/bujutsu karate; that is, those who are seeking acutely refined and highly

effective karate-waza.
© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2018).

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