Sunday 12 August 2007

Tetsuhiko Asai - Legendary Karate Master

Just added to YouTube, is the complilation video, made for the Asai Sensei's Public Funeral. It has been uploaded in three parts. The links for each part, are below.

It features extensive footage from the 1970's JKA 8mm series (Legend), and Asai Sensei's two 'Karate-Do' tapes. In addition to these clips, there is various amateur footage from seminars, demonstrations, and the like.
I was really buzzed that Hoshimi Asai used six clips, from my TVNZ enbu with Sensei, in the production. That was a obviously great honour for me! They are featured within the opening medley of footage (in PART ONE).

All in all, this is a fantastic tribute to Asai Sensei. So be sure to check them out.

© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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