Friday 27 February 2009

Andre Bertel Karate-do Seminar

Every month I receive emails asking me to conduct seminars outside of Japan. The last several requests from Europe, the Americas and Oceania I’ve regrettably had to decline (due to my 'crazy busy' schedule within Nippon). I'm very sorry to the various dojo/organisations I have declined, and hope that there are no hard feelings! I’m still open to you all. It has simply been a case of my inefficiency to arrange my extended holidays...

For those wishing to host me for a karate seminar this year, my next open period will be from May 2nd to May 10th. If interested in hosting me somewhere within this time, please email me at

I'll also accept requests from within Japan, with first priority to Tohoku and Hokkaido, where I've not taught seminars at yet.

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