Saturday 25 April 2009

New Asai Sensei Videos on Youtube

There has been some fantastic footage of Asai Sensei uploaded on youtube.... Here are the links:

(1) Asai Sensei (Asai JKA Chief Instructor) and Yahara Sensei (Asai JKA Assistant Chief Instructor) Enbu:

(2) Asai Sensei and Yahara Sensei demonstrating their weapons skills for film makers in Tokyo (around 1980):

(3) Asai Sensei teaching at Youji Yamamoto's house: - This exercise certainly brings back painful memories for me!

(4) Asai Sensei doing a 'typically unrehearsed' enbu with Imaizumi Sensei:

(5) Asai Sensei's techniques based on the movements of animals including the opening of Kihoken kata:

OSU, André
© André Bertel, Japan 2009

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