Saturday 3 April 2010

Newly uploaded footage of Asai Sensei

Here is some nice footage of my late teacher Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei introducing his basic shoulder, elbow and wrist snap to the Ukraine (in 2002). And also his method of hip rotation/body power. Click here to check it out:

I've been composing an article on the different methods of hip power, so this clip is a nice compliment prior to the publication of the article (which is still uncompleted, as we just moved into a new apartment).

Of particular value in this clip is everything... However, a very easy aspect to point out is the difference between sports karate teisho in Jion and the real version. One is for tidiness and outward appearance of power. The other is a highly potent block or attack which has enormous impact. And just uploaded, some other points from Jion... Follow this link:
Best training and wishes from Oita, Japan.
© André Bertel, Japan 2010.

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