Monday 11 July 2011

Martial Arts Fads

I just wanted make a CORRECTION on a recent article and apologise for my lack of clearly explaining my points. It sounded like I was insinuating that "ALL OTHER MARTIAL ARTS ARE JUST FADS", which is by no means my view. No one has complained about this, but I did receive a very kind email from Germany offering a correction and seeking clarification... Hence this post! Here's a link to the article, which I stand corrected on:

I have close friends who practice all forms of martial arts including Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Jujitsu, you name it. I respect these (actually all) arts/styles fully, and enjoy doing kumite with elite instructors/practitioners from other disciplines. Therefore, my negative thoughts are based on individuals/groups who merely cash in on fads, and propagate low technical standards/application. The article linked above failed to clarify this... It is an example of the speed at which I produce my posts (I give myself a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes to blast them out, to avoid wasting valuable time infront of the computer)... In this case my views were not presented correctly. I think this really clarifies how the text on the internet (cyber karate) can be dangerous, and is not the same as discussing with me in person after a hard practice in the dojo.

The KARATE FAD: I should briefly mention here, there was also a karate fad when the JKA expanded massively, and this was the 'Golden Age of Shotokan Karate', so fads are not necessarily a negative thing!

Moreover, Shotokan karate is probably the worst culprit for McDojo's, even amongst those affiliated to Japan (this certainly is a phenomenon here in Christchurch, New Zealand). I'd like to conclude by thanking Stanley Ryoichi Surjono, student of Akio Nagai Shihan, who contacted me! I deeply appreciated your message and your correction. Osu!

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