Tuesday 22 May 2012

Andre Bertel Interview: Germany 2012

Oliver Schomburg conducted this interview on the 31st of January in Ahrenshurg, Germany. He recently made it into a video, which you can watch by following the link below.

"In this interview Andre Bertel gives us a rare insight into the training with his mentor, the late Karate legend Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan (10th Dan). He also reveals some of the key aspects of Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu Karate and emphasizes the importance of training for real self-defense instead of focusing only on performance and winning competitions.

This interview was conducted with Andre during his visit to Germany early 2012. It was a rather spontaneous idea and is more or less improvised. From a technical point of view the result is far from being professional. Maybe next time I will get a chance to aqcuire proper studio lighting and microphones. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the video and get something useful out of it for your own Karate studies.

Last but not least, domo arigato gozaimasu Andre sensei! OSU, Oliver."

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2012).

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