Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Since starting this blog a number of people have said all sorts of nasty things about me and my karate online, but I have noticed that when I respond, immediately they forget that they were highly disrespectful in the first place. My suggestion is that if people don’t like my blog or videos, they are free not to visit or view them. And if they make rude comments that attack me, there is a possibility that I just might respond. Is that not logical?
`André Bertel’s Karate-Do’ is a blog jam packed with articles/posts (backed by numerous photos and videos)—I TALK WITH MY KARATE not only teach and write articles. It is interesting that the worse critics of this site are people who never show their own karate technique online, only talk a lot. These critics ridicule me from behind their computer screens, then claim I am arrogant when I respond. Interesting isn't it...

Any intelligent person can see that something doesn’t sit right… The people on Karate Chat Forums are the worst, and many of been waffling on them for years with literally thousands of posts! I wonder how much time do they spend in the dojo training hard? With all that time for online karate, you’d think they even have, just a moment, to upload a single kata on youtube…Even their best Heian-shodan...But no! They are clearly mouth budoka…

As said before, if people don’t like my site they are not forced to visit it, and it is their choice if they want to spend their time talking about me (and even posting entire forums). Such people either have no life or they live an unhappy life... Probably both, which I am not mocking here: but it is extremely sad.

Ultimately, one cannot improve their karate skill with words and text, and certainly not spending hours (and years!!!) in `internet karate chat rooms’. Karate is a physical art and those who have acquired a high-level are not afraid to demonstrate their skills: skills which clearly unveil their technical standard.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2012).