Friday 28 September 2012


Please forgive my recent absence from posting any technical articles on Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu and Shotokan karate-Do in general... My workload has been out of control (but wonderful) at the University of Canterbury, so my daily self-training and attendance at the IJKA-NZ Christchurch Dojo is my priority. As I always say, TRAINING is the priority "karate-wise"; thus, when time is short, my posting always suffers. Anyway, after October 16th I will finally be free! So, expect lots of posts, videos etc... By the way, I sent Abe Keigo Sensei my footage from training in his classes at the JKA (Japan Karate Association) Sohonbu in Ebisu in the early 1990s (which he wanted a copy of). He said he will have these videos transferred onto the internet and will then put them on his JSKA (Japan Shotokan Karate Association) website so look forward to that. Once they are uploaded, I was told that Naito Sensei will contact me, and I will post a link here.
Anyway, the photos here are from my self-training today. As always, heaps of work to do in order to "level-up", so I must continue to push myself "to the limit!" Like all things, Karate-Do is a journey with no limits; therefore, the destination functions as the motivation: whilst the quality of the voyage is what really matters.

I wish everyone who visits this site good health and training!
OSU, Andre

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