Thursday 7 August 2014

Spanish karateka comes for private training

A karateka from Spain, Josu Duran, recently travelled to Japan for one-on-one training at my private dojo. He flew directly from Spain and travelled Aso-shi. During his time here I have the covered essential kihon (namely, the core Shotokan waza “… especially techniques in zenkutsu-dachi” with different unsoku/ashi-hakobi; ‘kakato chushin’; shisei/postural alignment; koshi no kaiten; tai no shinshuku; and so forth).

Expanding on this, I used several kata to work on the above mentioned kihon-waza (and generic principles). However, the main focus has been on ‘reworking’ Josu’s tokui-gata, which is currently Chinte.

On the kumite front, I have again `honed in’ on the technical points stressed in kihon. Consequently, in an attempt to reinforce this teaching, I have utilised Kihon ippon kumite and Jiyu-ippon kumite.

Kumite: jodan ushiromawashi-geri.
Overall, I can see it has been a real challenge for Josu. But what is admirable is that he has fronted up to training with me. Besides his punctuality, in regards to training times, he is a good bloke. With continued practice of the critical points, I have taken him through, he will certainly improve. Good luck (Ganbatte) Josu!!! – André Bertel.
© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2014).

Teaching Josu how to do kihon ippon kumite and jiyu ippon kumite correctly; moreover, their specific training 'purposes'.

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