Sunday, 22 May 2016

Private kata training for Ohtsuka Shohei

Today I had a trainee from Usa-Shi, Ohtsuka Shohei Kun. He wanted to study a budo version of Unsu, which he could also exhibit in competition. He wants to compete in both budo karate (JKA) and JKF: and demonstrate true Karate-Do. This, to me, is very good, as kata is not an aesthetic game but the foundation and time capsule of traditional Japanese budo/martial arts.    

He has had many wins in competition but is seeking more pure karate. Again, for a young man of 23, I really admire this; moreover, with hard work he has the capacity to do extremely well. He has speed, power and talent in abundance; nevertheless, here in Japan the level is so high, so the climb is very-very steep. One of my top goals is to support JKA Oita Prefecture as much as possible. I really want to give as much as I can to Oita.

In addition to Unsu I also corrected his Enpi and Jion. He was very receptive and excited when he felt the difference in his execution of kata and then experienced the oyo (applications). Overall, it was great to see him lift his execution of the kata covered and, indeed, his understanding. Ganbatte Shohei!!!

                                                       © André Bertel. Oita, Japan (2016).

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