Friday, 20 January 2017

Hatsugeiko 2017

This years Hatsugeiko was essentially the establishment of a new self-training regime for the start of 2017. Here is a schedule outlined. In sum, it can be best defined by its sheer simplicity and focus on kihon and kata as training systems for freestyle. This is a critical theme of Budo Karate. In sum, Karate-Do, when practiced properly, is first and fore mostly a Martial Art of extreme effectiveness. Best wishes from chilly Nippon. - André Bertel

Sonoba kihon
Chudan choku-zuki (Hachiji-dachi).
Chudan mae-geri keage (Heisoku-dachi).
Chudan gyaku-zuki (Hidari/Migi zenkutsu-dachi).
Chudan mae-geri keage (Hidari/Migi zenkutsu-dachi).

  • Repetitions: 10 slow reps followed by 30-50 reps with snap.

1. Sanbon ren-zuki.
2. Jodan age-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki.
3. Chudan soto-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki.
4. Chudan uchi-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki.
5. Gedan-barai kara chudan gyaku-zuki.
6. Shuto chudan-uke (Kokutsu-dachi) kara nukite.
7. Chudan mae-geri keage.
8. Ren-geri: chudan mae-geri keage kara jodan mae-geri keage.
9. Chudan mawashi-geri.
10. Chudan yoko-geri keage ashi o kaete chudan yoko-geri kekomi (Kiba-dachi).
  • Please note: Zenkutsu-dachi is used unless otherwise stated.
  • Repetitions: 10 reps slow forward and back, followed by a minimum of 10 with snap (dependent on daily precision and physical state).


a. Kihon ippon kumite
(Jodan, chudan, mae-geri and yoko-kekomi)

b. Jiyu ippon kumite
(Jodan, chudan, mae-geri, yoko-kekomi and chudan mawashi-geri)

c. Uchikomi
1. Jodan gyaku-zuki; 2. Chudan gyaku-zuki; 3. Jodan oi-zuki; 4. Kizami-zuki kara jodan gyaku-zuki; 5. Kizami-zuki kara chudan gyaku-zuki; 6. Jodan gyaku-zuki kara jodan gyaku-zuki; 7. Jodan gyaku-zuki kara chudan gyaku-zuki; 8. Chudan mae-geri; 9. Chudan mae-geri kara jodan oi-zuki; 10. Chudan mawashi-geri; 11. Chudan mawashi-geri kara jodan gyaku-zuki; and 12. De ashi-barai kara jodan oi-zuki.
  • Repetitions: I practice a minimum of three sets of Kihon Ippon and Jiyu Ippon Kumite (Alternate days for each form of 'Ippon Kumite'). In the case of Uchikomi, repetitions are daily and typically go around 30-50 reps per individual technique and 10-20 per renzokuwaza. 

Each day of the week one Shiteigata (any Heian or Tekki Shodan); one Senteigata (Bassaidai, Kankudai, Enpi or Jion) and one Jiyugata (this is either a second Senteigata or one from the free kata list).
  • Repetitions: A minimum of four reps per kata with bunkai (analysis) of difficult sections: essentially and probably needless to say, this 'bunkai' is kata-specific-kihon.
  © André Bertel. Oita, Japan (2017).

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