Friday 28 June 2019

Upcoming 'IKS1' BUDO KARATE SEMINAR in Halle (Westfalen), Germany

My final teaching, outside of Japan, in 2019 will be the 'IKS1' BUDO GASSUKU in Westphalia, Germany. It will occur on September 14th and 15th

This event will be the first official seminar of the International Karate Shotokan outside Japan; hence, the acronym ‘IKS1’. That being said, it is open to all practitioners of Karate: irrespective of affiliation.

Securing a place at IKS1
The only limitation is numbers, therefore, if you wish to secure a place—it is highly recommended that you book early. This can be done by contacting:

This will be a particularly technical course this time, not so physically hard, but you will need a means to take notes!

Application for IKS Dan Examination
For those wishing to attempt Dan Examination you can email me directly at:

See you soon in Halle, Westphalia, Germany for an awesome Budo Karate event and wonderful time!! Greetings from Japan’s  'tsuyu' (rainy season). Osu, André

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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