Friday, 20 September 2019

Halle, Germany Seminar: September 2019 (PART ONE)

On September 14th and 15th, I conducted the first International Karate Shotokan technical seminar in Halle, Germany. This event concluded my teaching outside Japan for 2019.

The seminar focused on ‘Karate as highly effective means of self defense’; in particular, executing the art of Shotokan as a pure form of bujutsu.

In addition to the techniques and their applications—and the self defense principles and tactics taught—the kata 落葉 (Rakuyo) was taught correctly for the first time: as transmitted directly from my late teacher. Furthermore, a higher level of Kihon, Kata and Kumite was also introduced. This process created a road map—a new technical phase of teaching—outside of Japan next year and, indeed, beyond.

At this point I need to add that the organization of this event was superb. Congratulations and thanks to the Halle Dojo ( especially thankful to Peter Lampe Sensei (5th Dan) and Birte for taking such great care of me, also Martin and all the members of the Halle dojo. Furthermore, all of the karateka who travelled to attend from around Deutschland and also further abroad—the United Kingdom, Greece, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland.

Overall, the seminar began a new phase of teaching—which will be greatly expanded upon in 2020. Very exciting things to come in 2020!!! Until then, stay tuned.

Osu, André

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