Saturday 9 November 2019

Renshusei from Frankfurt: Janine Krekel

 Janine Krekel from Frankfurt, Germany, came for eight hours of training as a Renshusei at my dojo here in Oita City.

Over the days the training included kata: 五十四歩小(Gojushiho Sho), 五十四歩大 (Gojushiho Dai), 曇手 (Unsu) and 落葉 (Rakuyo).

Extensive fine tuned kihon and applications were practiced in relation to these four kata; furthermore, connections to the shitei-gata and sentei-gata.

Overall, Janine was extremely focused and did very well. As a result, she clearly lifted her skill level over the days and, beyond that, left with plenty of budo/bujutsu karate 'homework'.

Congratulations Janine on your improvements. I wish you the best in your on-going training. Osu, Andre


For those wishing to book places as Renshusei next year, applications are now finally open. I recommend booking at least three months in advance to secure days and times. For non-Japanese karateka, you will need to arrange your own visa. Bookings are arranged by email:
Please title the email RENSHUSEI APPLICATION. 
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