Monday 10 February 2020

押忍の精神 (Osu no seishin)

A short while back I updated my self-training regime. Today I will not provide reps and sets but, rather, my training time each day, which is approximately two hours and 20 minutes. Here's a brief overview what I'm presently doing to lift my level:

My daily kihon practice changes daily, as I'm covering all five Levels of the IKS (International Karate Shotokan) Kihon Syllabus: Level One is 8/7 KYU; Level Two is 6/5/4 KYU; Level Three is 3/2/1 Kyu; Level Four is SHODAN; and the final level is Level Five, which is NIDAN.

Kata is focused on one Shitei-gata, one Sentei-gata and two Jiyu-gata (at least one, of which, is from the official International Karate Shotokan 'Kotengata' List).

My kumite practice is currently dedicated to both kaeshi ippon kumite and oyo kumite. Both of which are directly connected to my current kata training.

I'm also doing some supplementary workouts, which is typical (yet intermittent) throughout each year.

Overall, I'm presently facing numerous challenges which need to be overcome; however, I have always found that these 'prolonged periods without rewards' always eventuate in very big improvements. This, of course, applies to everyone and all endeavours of seeking excellence. This is OSU NO SEISHIN: The spirit of perseverance; hence the title of this post. My best wishes in your personal training and on-going karate advancement. - Andre

押忍の精神!© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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