Tuesday 15 November 2022

Renshusei from New Zealand: Troy Gutry (Part II)

Day Two:

Continuing from Day One, but in back in Oita City, the theme of ‘natural energy for effortless karate’ remained. 

All 24 actions of 鉄騎二段  (Tekki Nidan) were completed in this session including the 分解 (BUNKAI—analysis/dissection) of its 基本 (Kihon) and 応用 (OYO—application); furthermore, “…applying its use of energy and shifts/transitions” for the aforementioned theme. For more clarity on this, please read my previous post: ‘Part One’:

The effortless/relaxed use of the body to ‘make impact’ (with 受技   ukewaza, 突技 tsukiwaza, 打技 uchiwaza and 蹴技 keriwaza) was also applied to sweeps, throws, takedowns, joint locks and strangulations). This highlighted how budo/bujutsu karate has many locks, chokes, takedowns/throws, but that, “… roughtly 99% of the time these respective waza are preceded by and concluded with percussive blows." Nonetheless, the theme of naturalness and effortlessness remains the same: irrespective of technique category.

Outside the dojo we also did some mini practices such as ukewaza in MUSASHI KOEN, and mae-geri keage in RYOZENJI.

In addition to keiko, we also had several nice social times. Overall, I wish all the very best to Troy. It was wonderful to catch up and to have him here as a renshusei.  押忍!!  —アンドレ

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

The following YouTube video is nothing fancy; rather, it is primarily a review for Troy; however, it generically provides a few basic insights into the use of energy mentioned here. This video footage came from 'Day Two' (November 13th, 2022).

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