Thursday 4 October 2007

Past posts (1-21)

As a result of my busy schedule at present (karate-wise), I have been unable to finish several articles in the works. So I thought I'd post some links to all of the past 42 posts. If you haven't read through them, if interested, please do so.

For those waiting for my next article, I'm sorry for the delay, but training is my prority, and I promise that I will upload more ASAP. With over 100,000 visits (to this blog) in just a few months I'm over the moon, "Flying from the Tokyo tower", as Asai Sensei once said to my wife in Shinbashi.

I am particulary excited about all the invitations I have recieved to take seminars, and look forward to meeting many new friends.

Happy training, OSU! Andre Bertel


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