Sunday 14 October 2007

Past posts (22-42)

Here are the links to posts 22-42. For links to my first 21 articles, please click here: I'm currently working on new articles, however this has been restricted by my intensive training schedule. I've currently made some rather extreme technical advancements, which have required my undivided attention. As I have said many times before, improvement is the greatest motivator in karate, and must be experienced consistently throughout ones training.

These current discoveries have allowed me to surpass my 'peak' and get to the next stage, so I'm very excited. I'll certainly share some of these points with you, in the coming months.
"Karate is neverending, if we stop advancing in our skill we are no longer worthy to be called karateka." - Asai Tetsuhiko
Osu, Andre Bertel


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