Friday, 13 March 2015

March training regime: 'Marching' towards the JKA Kumamoto Prefecture Championships

Here is my current training regime for March. I hope it finds you well! Osu, André.


(1) Chudan jun-zuki; (2) Jodan jun-zuki; (3) Chudan gyaku-zuki; (4) Jodan gyaku-zuki; (5) Chudan mae-geri keage; (6) Jodan mae-geri keage; (7) Chudan mawashi-geri; (8) Jodan mawashi-geri; (9) Chudan ushiro-geri; (10) Chudan yoko-geri keage; (11) Chudan yoko-geri kekomi; (12) Jodan age-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki; (13) Chudan soto-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki; (14) Chudan uchi-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki; and (15) Chudan shuto-uke kara nukite.

General points of focus: 1-0/ Hiki-te in uke and tsukiwaza in relation to the central axis; and high (and compact) chambering of keriwaza. Prime focus: Chikara no kyojaku.

Repetitions: A minimum of 40 reps of each waza (pertaining to the `Prime focus’ of trying to move as lightly and snappily as possible). If heaviness is felt, I perform more reps until 40 good (light and fast techniques) are completed.

At present my kumite comprises of whatever is practiced at the JKA Kumamoto Chuo Dojo (Shototakuhirokan). At the time of writing this, the focus is still Kihon Ippon Kumite (Kiri Kaeshi) and Jiyu Ippon Kumite; however, Jiyu Kumite is always the priority.  On a personal level in my kumite practice, I am fostering my deai-waza and impact capacity; in turn, this is relating directly to my execution of kihon and kata (via the aforementioned points of `lightness’ and `snap’).

Reps: Training-wise, completing each form of kumite several times (and alternating partners/standard ’round robin’) is the norm.


Kata training at present has turned towards the JKA (Japan Karate Association) Kumamoto Prefecture Championships next month. The elimination rounds will only require shitei-gata (from Heian Nidan to Tekki Shodan). There will be no sentei-gata round (that is, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Enpi and Jion). And the final, as always, will be a free-choice kata. Based on this, my kata training is focused on Heian, Tekki, and Gojushiho Dai.

Chance for the 58th JKA All-Japan's... The winner of the prefecture championships gains automatic selection for the 58th JKA All-Japan Championships (Kumamoto-Ken is only allowed one competitor, and inevitably that is the yusho/champion); therefore, in the highly unlikely chance of me winning—due to a number of predetermined factors—I’d be on my way to the National Championships…  Last year, by sheer luck I was jun-yusho (gained second place)…

Kata training schedule: Three days a week – multiple repetitions of Heian Nidan and Heian Sandan; and on alternate days, (the other three days a week) multiple repetitions of Heian Yondan and Heian Godan. Every ‘Heian day’, multiple repetitions of Tekki-Shodan and Gojushiho Dai; and once a week (Tuesday’s): ‘shitei-gata matches’ and Gojushiho-Dai.

© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2015).

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