Wednesday 1 November 2017

Peter Sensei and Rainer San 2017 (PART ONE)

Peter Lampe and Rainer Schone (from Borgholzhausen, Germany) dropped by to Oita, for the weekend: to train at my dojo and hang out. Needless to say it was fun to catch up and practice karate together. Peter and Rainer have come to train in Japan with me before but, this time, they also travelled with their very cool partners: Birte and Christiane... We were honored to have them here and enjoyed very nice times!!

Training-wise, we covered many things—I will post some photos and, perhaps some video footage, of the practices soon. 

Peter and Rainer, I look forward to seeing your continued development. It is always great to spend time and practice karate with friends: who are also purely seeking karate as traditional Budo (martial arts). Birte, a fellow teacher, and Christiane, a fellow practitioner of Karate, thank you for the time together. My family and I wish all four of you a wonderful time for your remaining days, here in Japan, and hope to see you all soon very again, Osu, André.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2017).

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