Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Trainee from Australia:David Rush Sensei (4th Dan)

David Rush Sensei (4th Dan) from Norwa, South Coast, Australia recently came for training. Rush Sensei is the chief instructor of ‘South Coast Shotokan Karate’: www.southcoastkarate.com.au
What impressed me about David’s karate, besides being a great guy, was his excellent sense of ‘ma’ and his technical fluidity; furthermore, when he came here, he came with many points that he wanted me to help him with - so I could prepare well. Consequently, he went home with plenty of refined points for his ongoing technical development and, also indeed, for that of his karate students at South Coast Karate.

In addition to training we also enjoyed a lovely time with him, his wife Mayumi, and her parents from Hiroshima—all wonderful people—who made the most of the onsen’s in neighboring Beppu. Indeed, one of the great things about training - anywhere here - is that the very best hot springs, in Japan, are less than a 15 minute commute from Oita Eki.

Returning to David Sensei’s training, I must say that I was impressed by his speedy assimilation of the points I taught: including Shotei (Dai)  Kata, which was a new kata for him. Overall, this reflects his daily physical training and serious seeking of Shotokan Karate as Budo/Bujutsu. Until next time David. 押忍! !
© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2018).

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