Monday, 11 March 2019

South Africa 2019 Seminar (Part Three)

Finally here is some video footage from my 2019 South Africa International Seminar. Please note the video footage has been cut in a way which allows the seminar participants to see key points (hints/reminders), without revealing too much. Why? Because that knowledge is for those who came and trained!

I must add that a couple of important foundational points of Budo/Bujutsu Shotokan-style karate, are shown clearly; nevertheless, again, without attending, these could still easily be taken out of context and trained in a counterproductive manner. It elucidates the old saying: 'Practice doesn't make perfect' but, rather, 'Perfect practise makes perfect'.

The question about feedback/comments on my YouTube Channel:

Many people have asked me about commenting on my videos. In sum, I really appreciate comments as they confirm people's interest and, in turn, they really encourage me to post new footage. Again, as stated above, the videos often reveal things subtly (that is, only those who have trained with me in person WILL UNDERSTAND). Moreover, as training continues, deeper levels will be revealed to these karateka; thereby, resulting in continuously increasing levels of technical skill and increased effectiveness/application.

Lastly, I would again like to thank Gary Grapentin Sensei and Maureen de Jager Sensei, and all of the other instructors, and members, of USR (United Shotokan Ryu). Indeed, I also extend this thanks to all of the other wonderful people, who attended, from other karate groups. I have a term 'Karate Family', which is what I believe all authentic traditional/budo karateka are.

For me personally, it was great not only to teach karate outside Japan—which is always a great honour, but to also catch up with old friends and forge new friendships as well. I am very positive that this year’s seminar in South Africa will lead to an immense amount of technical growth there – for those who practise what was covered.

In conclusion, I hope to see you all there in South Africa again, in the near future, and/or here in Japan for training at my dojo. Kindest regards and all the very best from Oita. Osu, André

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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