Wednesday 20 March 2019

Freital, Germany Seminar 2019 (Part I)

To begin, I would like to offer my thanks...

Firstly, to the main organizer of the seminar and my host, Stephan Pilz Sensei (3rd Dan), also his lovely family, who took very good care of me.

Secondly, Andy Neitzold Sensei (2nd Dan), who also administrated the seminar; furthermore, translated, amongst other things. 

Thirdly, Marco Herrmann Sensei (3rd Dan) who was the seminars MC).

Fourthly, the members and families of the Shotokan-Karateverein Freital e. V. club.

And fifthly, all of the karateka from across Europe whom attended.

A big "OSU" to you all from Oita City, Japan.
Official T Shirts from the 2019 Freital Seminar.

Shotokan-Karateverein Freital e. V.

Founded 1984, current round about 90 members. Leading instructors Stephan Pilz Sandan, Marco Herrmann Sandan. For those interesting in starting karate or finding a club in the Freital area here is their official website:

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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