Monday 7 October 2019

Pre Training for the '2020 Bavarian Budo Experience'

Punito Aisenpreis Sensei, from Murnau (Southern Deutschland), came for another five days of one-on-one tuition here in Oita City, Japan.

This time I focused on sharing ‘Kihon within Kihon’ at a deeper level. In relation to this, Kata and self-defense were covered. The kata included the standard Shotokan-Ryu formal exercises and also Asai Sensei’s kata.

In April of next year I will conduct a seminar in Murnau for the first time, here is a link for more information: ( Needless to say, it will be a really great event, as since my last seminar in Halle—I began a next phase of  'knowledge release', which will continue in 2020 and beyond. Omedetou gozaimasu Punito on your karate advancement and, also, thanks for great times outside of training.

Osu, André
© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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