Sunday 13 October 2019

落葉 (Rakuyo) Kata

The YouTube video link at the bottom of this page has no explanation as it is for those who attended the September 2019 'IKS ONE' SEMINAR' in Halle, Germany.

It is a reminder of the exact movements, but also, the key points taught. The underpinning aspects of karate as a martial art of self defense: and, how powerful it is when properly done!

落葉 (Rakuyo) means 'falling leaves' and I was only non-Japanese karateka to learn this kata directly from Asai Sensei - there are over 15 kata and, far more importantly, their applications in this category. The version featured here is the correct version of Rakuyo: unlike the others on the internet, which are 'just movement'. Just movement is merely learning kata for just having another kata. From Asai Sensei's view and mine also, THIS IS TIME WASTED. So how to make this kata not a waste of time... Falling leaves seem so soft, but that is the point. The concept connects Newtons laws with human action.

Proper study of this kata is very demanding but results in great improvements in skill, via natural use of energy and the connection with kihon. Please be aware that 'IKS ONE' in September 2019 was the first time I have taught this kata since my seminar in Hawaii 2003 (as Asai Sensei's personal assistant). Nevertheless, after 2003 Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei further corrected me, refining my actions and changing some movements/applications; hence, this is the first time I have taught this kata properly to anyone in the world

Next year and beyond many kata and applications - not previously taught before - will be shared at seminars (in Japan and around the world) and at the IKS instructors class here in Oita City: TO ENSURE THAT THIS SPECIAL FORM OF BUDO/BUJUTSU SHOTOKAN IS PRESERVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Osu, André

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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