Sunday, 8 March 2020

Transfers of Grade to IKS

From this year we are openly permitting transfer of grades to 国際空手道松濤館(IKS—International Karate Shotokanfor those with officially recognized Dan; that is, people with official Dan grades can transfer their grade and be certified from IKS Japan.

In some cases, people wish to remain anonymous, as they are members of other organizations that do not permit dual membership. We accept anonymous transfers—especially here in Japan, but also from outside Japan.

Last, but not least, the transfer of official Dan grades requires a digital copy of the applicants highest Dan certificate. Once this is verified, we can process your application.

The registration date (put on the diploma issued) will be the day the rank is registered here in Japan; however, “…the date for attempting the next rank is based on that of the provided diploma”. For example, a person transferring their Sandan—which they passed in 2017—if registered today will be issued an registration date of March 8, 2020; nonetheless, they will eligible to attempt the Yondan next year (as four years has passed since originally passing their Sandan).

For those wishing to transfer your Dan and be registered in Japan with IKS you can apply via email at:

 Osu, André
IKS is an organization devoted to karate as bujutsu. For authentic karateka wishing to follow this path, we welcome you.

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