Friday 23 July 2021

How old are you? That's a useless question! Instead, let's consider the benefits of Karate Training!!!

Many people have questioned my age, so I now just say "MADE IN 1975".

Revision of today's dojo training: July 23rd, 2021.

Some have even accused me of still being in my 20s. While that is usually a compliment, usually in the karate sense, 'youth as an instructor' is usually condescending. The funny thing here is that I'm now officially closer to 60 than 30, let alone being in my 20s. Thankfully, as we all know, the 60s (nowadays) are officially 'the new 40s'. 

Anyway, I believe in six generic things about karate, which pertain to age, looks, and its holistic benefits. I recommend these, and honestly do so, to those considering to start or return to karate training. I will briefly outline these here today. 

Firstly, karate training helps us to LOOK YOUNGER. Yes, shape and muscles, but also our skin.

Secondly, karate training helps our bodies to FEEL YOUNGER. More energy, range of motion, better functioning organs etc...

Stationary ushiromawashi-geri practice.

Thirdly, karate training helps us to BE MENTALLY STRONGER. Yes, that 'Osu no seishin' really builds inner strength and that vital attribute of resilience.  

Fourthly, karate training FORGES A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE which, needless to say, is an utterly priceless asset every day!

Fifthly, karate training FORCES US TO BE HUMBLE... If you train every day or regularly each week, you will be humbled by how there is always 'so much more' to improve on. 

Sixthly, karate training GIVES US AN ART, which makes it something more than its original purpose of self-defense.

These reasons and others are why I'm still doing the art of Karate four decades on. Still so much to learn, improve on, and ESPECIALLY 'gain' from daily training. Osu, greetings and positive energy from Western Japan.

(c) André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2021).

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