Friday 3 June 2022

Special Project Completed

Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of this blog later this month, and in my 40th year as a karateka, we produced a PHOTO BOOK. This is not one of my books to be published in the near future but, rather, it was a personal project for my family and me to physically retain the memories of training over the last 15 years. The majority of these years (that is, with the exception of three), were here in Japan.

In sum, it reflects training and practice every day, learning from seniors, and passing on knowledge.

With these points in mind I want to offer a deep bow to all of my seniors, peers and students here in Japan, and around the world. Thank you all so very much. Also I want to thank my family for their loving and unconditional support. They are indeed the unsung hero's behind everyone who commits their lives to mastering and teaching Karate-Do.

Here a just few pages from the book. Osu and greetings from Oita.


© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

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