Sunday 9 August 2009

TV Interview

Whilst visiting New Zealand I was asked to do a TV interview, something that I reluctantly accepted, due to past experiences with 'TV people'.

However, even with a nasty migraine headache and a very sore muscles (probably from jet lag) the experience turned out to be a really enjoyable one, thanks to the professional and pleasant manner of the interviewer, Annabelle, and cameraman, Ben.

To make things even more fun I had the assistance of karateka Glen Glover, Tony Petronelli, & Lyall Stone. These three guys gave up a weekday morning to come in for the filming. What's more, Lyall kindly offered his dojo facility for the interview. Click here to check it out on Youtube:

I'd like to thank the TV company and the above mentioned karateka. It was a great chance to present and promote traditional Japanese budo and Asai-style karate on New Zealand television.

© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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