Sunday 6 March 2011

Post Earthquake Update


Everyone’s OK:
We are very thankful to inform you that no members of IJKA New Zealand were harmed in the Christchurch Earthquake on Tuesday, the 22nd of February 2011.

Aftershocks: Many people are now on edge facing the numerous aftershocks. Based on the last few months prior to this destructive event, these will probably go on for several more months. So please take care.
DOJO NEWS: As you know the CPIT based HONBU-DOJO in the central city and the TETSUBUKAN-DOJO at the Shirley Boy’s High Gymnasium have both been inaccessible. This regretfully led to a halt of large group classes. Hopefully this week, group practice will resume at the Tetsubukan Dojo. All members from Honbu are of course welcome to attend these sessions once they feel ready.

Out of respect, and rather than us contacting people, if you would like to be automatically notified for re-opening dates or to enquire about private lessons please email me at:
We hope that you are keeping healthy and positive in this difficult time.
OSU, André.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand 2011.

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