Sunday 2 December 2012

Christchurch Seminar: December 2012

Martin Sensei from Rotorua & Peter from Wellington attended.
Over the weekend I taught a seminar here in Christchurch. The focus was threefold: firstly, jun-kaiten; gyaku-kaiten in kihon; secondly, the full `Asai-ryu' technical performance of Heian 1-5; Tekki 1; and thirdly, the complete oyo of these six kata.
It was great to see the karateka in attendance improve their karate over the two days, and gain a "physical understanding" of Asai Sensei's application methodology. Osu, Andre.
© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2012).
The course focused on the Asai-ryu versions of the Heian kata & their practical applications.

Brendon & Ryo practicing the application of shuto-uke.

IJKA-NZ Instructors meeting: Andre Bertel (6th Dan) & Lyall Stone (4th Dan).