Thursday 20 December 2012

UK Seminar Report: By Michael Barr (4th Dan IJKA)

Exercise for applying the body weight and drive of the support leg in keriwaza.
Here’s another report on my seminars in the United Kingdom: this time by the course organiser, Michael Barr Sensei (IJKA 4th Dan).
Michael not only organised the England course and trained throughout it, but he also completed a number of private lessons, and did one-on-one Asai style Shotokan training with me (on a daily basis). Click here to read the article on the IJKA Blackpool and Wyre website/blog:
Again, a big thanks to Michael and Nathalie for taking such great care of Mizuho and me whilst in the UK. Also, a special thanks to their family, especially Nathalie’s daughter and her partner Benji, who kindly hosted us at their home in London.
For those who haven’t seen the seminar videos from Enlgand, you can find them on my youtube channel by clicking here:
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