Saturday, 1 February 2014

New self-training regime

In two days time Mizuho and I've been back in Japan for six months! How time fly's...  Anyway, Here is my new training self-regime, which I began very recently (in my recovery from influenza). I suspect this self-training schedule will be used for a while, especially in regards to the sentei-gata.

Kihon: (a) Kata specific kihon/sections; and (b) special focus on `two handed blocks’ (i.e. – chudan and jodan morote-uke; chudan uchi-uke doji ni gedan-barai; chudan and jodan juji-uke including the open hand variation; chudan kakiwake-uke; jodan uchi-uke doji ni gedan-barai etcetera).   
Kata: As alluded to above, at present the majority of my kata practice has been dedicated to the four sentei-gata: Bassai dai (披塞大), Jion (慈恩), Enpi (燕飛) and Kanku dai (観空大); and an unspecified/random mix of jiyu-gata. In regards to jiyu-gata, my interests remain focused on Nijushiho (二十四步) and also Bassai sho (披塞小); nevertheless, Kanku sho (観空小) and Unsu (雲手) have also been slipping in and out of my practice sessions.

Kumite:  Uchikomi and image training: (1) focusing on various forms of gyaku-zuki (employing sen no no, go no sen etc); (2) tai sabaki with a variety of techniques; and (3) deai-waza. In all cases, seeking `ippon technique’.
Overall, my repetitions (and intensity) of techniques, and kata, have been highly variable. This is directly attributable to the recovery process from the flu. On a positive note, this has allowed me to be more introspective and will, hopefully, allow me to `further mitigate' my many weaknesses.

Irrespective of all my shortcomings in karate-do, my goal is to simply keep moving forward and developing my spirit. I wish everyone who reads this the very best and good health. Oss, André.

© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto-ken. Japan, 2014.

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