Monday, 6 April 2015

Christchurch Seido Karate Club: 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

There is a fantastic—actually unprecedented—karate event in Christchurch, New Zealand, this year. The Christchurch Seido Shibu (at 174 Barbadoes Street in the CBD) will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary!
The full-time Seido Shibu has served Christchurch, for half a century, promoting the true essence of Karate-Do. Whilst the club has outstandingly produced provincial, national and even world champions, it has also provided thousands of Cantabrians with the physical and mental qualities/gains of traditional Karate-Do (better health and fitness, resilience, self-disciple and so on). In this way, the Christchurch Seido Shibu has immensely benefitted a highly diverse range of Kiwi’s through karate.

Thinking about this event really fulfils two precepts of the Nijukun (the 20 precepts of the father of modern-day Karate-Do, Funakoshi Gichin Sensei).  Firstly, 一、空手の修業は一生である (“Hitotsu, karate-do no shugyo wa issho de aru” or “Karate is a lifelong pursuit”; and secondly, 一、空手は湯の如し絶えず熱度を与えざれば元の水に還る (“Hitotsu, karate wa yu no gotoshi taezu netsu o ataezareba moto no mizu ni kaeru” or “Karate is like boiling water; without heat, it returns to its tepid state”). Renzie Hanshi and his great team of instructors have not only achieved these perceptual goals, but will certainly continue to do so.

For those wishing to attend this awesome event or inquire about training, here is a link to the Christchurch Seido Shibu website:

I’d like to offer my very best wishes for the upcoming celebrations (also from my colleagues here in Japan), and utmost congratulations, to Hanshi Renzie Hanham and all the members of the Christchurch Seido Shibu. OSU!

© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2015).

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