Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Light training

Here's some images from my training today, which was a light one (as I’ve pushed myself particularly hard this week). I only did kata and had breaks between each. Also, I only spent just over an hour and 45 minutes in the dojo. Usually my daily self-training sessions are two hours in duration.

Movement 22 of Unsu Kata.

The kata I practiced were especially 平安初段 (Heian Shodan) and 平安四段(Heian Yondan),but also briefly on Heian Nidan, Sandan and Godan, 壮鎮 (Sochin), 雲手 (Unsu), 五十四歩小 (Gojushiho Sho) and 雷光 (Raiko).

Movement 25 of Heian Yondan.

In the fundamental sense, my technical focus was the jiku-ashi, sasae-ashi and use of the hips optimally coordinates to generate power in my techniques. In addition to this, I concentrate on ‘moving my center’ via rotation, thrust, ascension descension and diagonally. A key aspect of this by being use and move your hips like a ball, which I outlined thoroughly in the past.

Overall, it was both a fun and technical session. I personally believe that it is imperative to intermittently train with less intensity as it allows one to focus on different areas of skill development; furthermore, allows the body to stretch, rest and recover. What’s more, it can a be psychologically motivating, which results in more doing those extra sessions in the week even though one is feeling tired.

Osu and greetings from central Oita City, Japan.


© Andre Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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