Sunday 20 December 2020

Plyometric Push Ups

 I was just asked about jumping push-ups, which were included in my latest video:

 My first comment is to say that this is not the ‘only way’. I use many different methods for myself and trainees to create high levels of speed.  Pushups, pull ups, dips are very important exercises for everyone.

 Beyond these, I’m a huge advocate of very heavy lifting for people in their 20s and most of their 30s—for serious karateka. More muscle, contrary to silly ‘long outdated beliefs’ doesn’t slow people down. When done 'functionally' they speed people up. 


I won’t say more, but the squat is the “KING exercise for karateka”. And it is also an art unto itself. However, age and injury constraints seriously need to be balanced between outcome and risk. We only have one body, so as an instructor my responsibility is to encourage good health; that is, optimization of karate skill with minimum risk of injury. This has been a great success of the IKS Renshusei Program here in Japan, as it has been uniquely tailored for each individual.

SAFETY is paramount and this means, besides the training itself, each person must ‘listen to their body’ (to guide the training).

The main thing is that we train smart, to maximize our individual development and mitigate the possibility of injury (as much as possible). Also, avoid aggravating existing injuries. Look after yourself and avoid anything that threatens your wellbeing. 

Plyometric push ups are not for everyone, and when not, there are other great ways to maximize where individuals are and, indeed, get exceptional results.

Osu, André

Post training December 17th, 2020. 45 next year... NO EXCUSES!!!

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