Tuesday 8 December 2020

Updated Winter Training Regime

Tekki Nidan Kata.

 Here is my latest training regime. Greetings from Oita City, Japan. I hope this post finds you all well, Osu!


基本 (Kihon)

My prime focus: 猿臂 (ENPI-UCHI… Elbow Strikes, literally ‘monkey arm’) in both individual waza and as renzokuwaza with uke, tsuki, keri, and other uchiwaza (also nagewaza, katamewaza, shimewaza). I wont detail this in words but, rather, via a few photos taken while training in the dojo.

Ushiromawashi-geri in combination with kaiten enpi-uchi.


I’m currently practicing five kata per day (from the following pool). I train each of them four to eight times with various intensity and focal points (dependent on my daily condition).

1.     平安(Heian), 順路 (Junro) or 常行 (Joko).

2.     鉄騎 (Tekki) or 騎馬拳 (Kibaken).

3.     選定型 (Sentei-gata):  燕飛 (Enpi)

4.     松濤館流の得意型 (Shotokan-Ryu Tokui-gata):  二十四歩 (Nijushiho).

5.     浅井流の得意型 (Asai-ryu Tokui-gata): 雷光 (Raiko).

組手 (Kumite)

Application/Impact training with various elbow strikes. In particular, I am focusing on ‘sono ni’ of Asai Karate’s elbow combinations, which is particularly destructive as it focuses on many deceptive ‘angular strikes’ that cut through the opponents natural defences/covers. In saying that, it requires more shoulder flexibility than I’ve ever had, so I’m practicing hard… Actually, ‘as softly as possible’ to make more impact. I will leave it there for now. 押忍!!

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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