Monday 7 March 2022

Are you looking for SPECIFIC CONTENT on this site?

I often get asked, where’s the SEARCH Function? Well, it’s always here, but if you are using a mobile phone it’s not visible unless you change to what's called the 'VIEW WEB VERSION'.


To do this scroll down on your phone to the near bottom of the page until you find the red bar which says ‘Home’ in white (you can see this by checking the bottom of the next photo).


Immediately, under this is ‘View web version’

Click on this, and you will find the SEARCH function at the very top left corner of the page.

Click on the 'View web version' immediately above.

 Type in what you are searching for between the orange and white BLOGGER logo on the left, and the little magnifying glass on the right (shown in the image directly below).

It’s that simple and from there you can easily comb through 15 years of articles here on the site. 

Emails: Still, if you have any questions you are welcome to email me at: I tend to receive a large amount of emails each day, so I can’t physically answer them all. It would literally be impossible. That being said, when ‘a specific theme becomes requested enough’, I will usually answer via an article. An example of this is the recent Heian articles.


Of course, when possible or deemed necessary, I also answer people and groups back personally: via email.


Overall, I hope that this post allows you to better navigate the site. I’d also like to thank the thousands of Budo Karateka, here in Japan and around the world, who have supported and followed this site. There are lots of great things to come and many projects in the works.

 押忍 ― André 

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

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