Thursday 8 December 2022

Renshusei from Australia: Don Walker (Part One)


Don Walker Sensei (Godan) from Western Australia came again to Oita for training.


In addition to some pictures, and possibly some video footage, in the upcoming 'parts', I thought I’d share a few brief thoughts and comments about the training to begin with.


In his 60s Don is still constantly seeking to develop as a karateka, and is always on the floor in his dogi. His approach is therefore not only humble, but concentrated and serious about ‘evolving his personal karate skill’. Before I go on, if you use the 'search engine' (on this blogsite) you will find several posts on Don's past training here.


KEIKO SUMMARY: In brief, between Tuesday and Friday, kata trained included Bassai Dai, Hangetsu and Chinte. Furthermore, Kihon and Kumite were focused on the practical training and application of Karate-waza. In particular, I focused on Budo/Bujutsu  'MAAI' this time, via various kumite drills. However, as always (and it cannot be stressed enough): "...within true karate,  基本 (Kihon),   (Kata) and  組手 (Kumite) are inseparable". This is often stated by various individuals and groups but rarely the case in tangible term's.

I will not fully detail what was specifically taught, over the days Don was training here, except to say that ‘a fair amount of the content has yet to ever reach the shores of Australia’. In sum, he put himself on the line. Accordingly, that knowledge is for Don Sensei to share/teach at his own discretion.


Once again, this exemplifies the point that ‘those who earnestly seek, reap the reward's'. A big bow to Don Sensei and an equally big thanks to Bev for the constant immersion.


Don Sensei, his wife Bev, and myself at the conclusion of the first day of training.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

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