Sunday, 2 October 2016


At the end of this year I will be in New Zealand to visit my family, friends and students, and will conduct Karate-Do seminars in Christchurch, New Zealand; and on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland--Australia.
These will be my last seminars in the Oceania region for some time due to my schedule over the next few years. Accordingly, I will deliver classes which provide an extreme edge for the attendees; thereby, giving a huge technical advantage.

Those who attend in NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA will be given full insight into current technical developments that are not taught to non-Japanese karateka and, moreover, exponents in Japan outside of the most elite. Like my time in Europe and the UK this year (and what I am currently doing in Japan) this is what everyone is terming 'The Edge' Tour.

This was the original poster for Australia 2016. For those wishing to book a place: email

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